Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster Review



The awesome power and precision of the Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster is widely acknowledged by many customers who have tested it in the most demanding situations. If you love zombie strike games that require top-level automatic fire power, here is a device that is sure to uplift your level of play. Many children will find it difficult to resist the hammer-action thrill of this toy gun.

The Nerf designers optimized this blaster for rapid action and convenience in order for the underage users to realize greater precision and tactical advantage. You stand a near perfect chance of vanquishing the most aggressive zombies on the streets once you let loose all the raw power of this device. The user-friendly aspect of this blaster is almost incomparable within its price range.

The compactness of its size and the one-handed design are some of the key factors that enhance the performance of this zombie striker. The automatic impact of this machine manifests in the impressive capacity of firing two precise darts in a row. The manufacturers intended this blaster for eight-year-old players and above. Its effectiveness in competitive situations is above standards.

Important Features:

* Quick-Draw for Fast Action.
* Compact Design for Convenience.
* Strong and Durable Body.
* Powerful Blaster for Hard Impact.
* Lightweight Construction.

Features in Details.

1. QUICK-Draw Function for Fast Action.

Every zombie hunter knows that the capacity for stealth counts a lot towards success. The designers of this blaster optimized it for the element of surprise, which helps you get and hit the zombies when they least expect. The one-handed design of the gun enhances the quick-draw action of the hunter in a way that improves the odds of achieving a precise hit.

One reason why this blaster continues to attract the interest of youngsters is that it offers great ergonomic advantages for the underage shooters. You may have to think of this blaster as the ideal tool for precision training, particularly if you are still a learner in zombie hunting games. This Doublestrike blaster prepares you adequately for the rigors of the shooting games.

2. COMPACT Design for Convenient Handling.

Seasoned zombie hunters understand that the effectiveness of a blaster is highly dependent on the nature of its design. The best guns are those that feature a certain level of compactness, which is necessary for flexibility. The manufacturers of this toy gun chose a simple and compact design that makes it easy to handle and operate its shooting mechanism.

Children with a strong passion for zombie hunting games prefer to work with smaller and lightweight guns because of two major reasons. First, the size and lightweight nature of such guns shield them from incurring excessive fatigue as they aim, duck, and run around during the games. Secondly, small blasters are easier to work with when you are interested in top-class precision.

3. STRONG and Durable Body.

The intense and physical nature of zombie hunting requires a blaster with a great measure of strength and durability in order to last. Compared to other Nerf blaster pistols that falls within its price range, this toy weapon is more robust and sturdy. As such, you can expect it to endure hard impacts and rough handling better than ordinary Nerf guns.

Considering that this toy pistol was particularly intended for children and teenagers, it becomes easy to understand why the manufacturers chose some of the best quality materials that can shield the machine from all forms of rough play. In truth, this petite blaster may not be the best on the market, but it is obviously much better than others of its kind and purpose.

4. POWERFUL Blaster Effect.

The strength and power of a blaster are the two most distinguishing strengths of any toy gun. This blaster is capable of firing its darts to a range of up to 20 feet with remarkable precision. The blaster discharges great force, which thrusts the darts on their course with great speed and force. Zombies within its reach have little chances of escaping the wrath of such blaster effect.

In order to optimize the performance of this blaster, the makers ensured that it surpasses ordinary expectations with regard to tactical efficiency. Another unique advantage that makes this blaster all the more ferocious on the field of play is the capacity to impart streamlined motion in the darts. You are bound to prefer this gun above many others whenever stealth is required.

5. SIMPLE and Lightweight Design.

The popular impression about this toy gun is that it was particularly optimized for small hands. Indeed, the simple and lightweight nature of its design suits it for use among children with a passion for zombie shooting. In fact, teenagers or adults with bigger hands may find it a bit complex to work effectively with this stellar rated blaster. In every sense, it is a child’s toy.

Many reviews about this blaster suggest that parents who wish to initiate their little boys and girls have always found this device quite appropriate for ushering them into the passion for zombie hunting. Moreover, many children learn how to focus, aim, and shoot by using this gun. As such, you may want to use this blaster to teach your children about tactical efficiency.


* Capable of firing two darts in a row.
* Bought together with two zombie strike darts.
* Designed for fast loading.
* Conveniently lightweight for underage users.
* Robustly constructed for durability.


* Pulling the trigger may seem somewhat stiff, especially for young users.
* Users with bigger hands may find it uncomfortable to handle the blaster.


Q. What is the recommended age for this Nerf blaster?
A. From eight years and above.

Q. What is the item weight?
A. 6.4 ounces.

Customer Reviews.

This Nerf Zombie Strike Blaster attracted 4.3 stars on after 353 customer reviews. Generally, it earned its highest ratings from a section of customers who appreciated its lightweight and compact construction. More reviewers expressed their fondness for the blaster because of its simplicity and user-friendly appeal. Low reviews were received from customers who expressed their displeasure in its small size and stiff trigger.


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Final Verdict.

Overall, this blaster is bound to drive any youngster’s passion for zombie to a whole new level. In terms of stealth performance, consistency, and precision, this blaster ranks very close to the top particularly when ranked together with comparable products. We recommend this product to any avid zombie vanquisher with an undying zeal for outdoor adventure.

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