Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster Review


Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster is one of the best blasters that you can purchase in the modern times. This sharpfire has a similar design like the previous one, but it is a slimmer and has more proprietary attachments. Some of these attachments include a long barrel attachment and a stock that has a dart storage. In addition, there is also a belt clip that assists in fastening it on your waist. The whole of it can fit well inside the stock. The main idea of coming up with this new design is to push the limits of modularity and connectivity.


· Accessories that include two dart holders and barrel extension

· Blaster that has four darts and has the ability to fire a single dart at a time

· Offer the ability to customize the blaster for each battle or mission.

· There are also well detailed instructions on how to use it in the best way possible.

· weighs 1.2 pounds

· Dimensions – 2.2 x 8.3 x 14.8 inches

Descriptions and highlights

It has a lot of other features that make it unique from the others that you find in the market. Here are some of the major highlights of this blaster.

Great aesthetics

This blaster is just great in the way it looks. It does not have any resemblance with the blasters that were used in the old days. It has a modern look that makes it look sleek and amazing. It gives nothing, but special tacticool modulus pistol blaster vibes. The modulus Ion fire has stock attachment points and N strike barrel. It also has two tactical rails, which is more connectivity that most of other larger primary class blasters. By just looking the way it is design with its many aesthetic features it is evident that this is a super duper tacticool. When it comes to the way that it is painted, it also does not disappoint. Its paint makes it have a good look that will also make you feel good when carrying it for any mission or battle.


This is a breech loaded single shot blaster which makes many people complain. In order to load it effectively, you are supposed to pull back the slide so that you can open the breech. Once you open it, then you can move on and start by loading one dart into the breech directly. You are then supposed to push the slide all the way back to the frontward position, as you close the breech. After you have done that, you can pull the trigger and go on to fire the dart. You are supposed to repeat this whole process every time that you need to shoot the Ion fire. This style of firing offers a lot of fun to play around with it. However, you will also realize that this style of firing is very slow. When it comes to the fire that you should expect, it is not a lot of it. It performance can be compared to the one that you would get from the original Nerf sharpfire which was designed as an N strike blaster. Its performance can be termed as sub elite.

Heading into battle

If you are heading into a battle you need to do the customization using the barrel extension.

On a covet mission

When you are on a covet mission, you need to remove the extension in order to create a stealth sized blaster.


· Better with its cool design cues

· The front barrel is too short and close to the dart when it fires to affect ranges.

· Light in weight making it easy to carry around

· Excellent even for small children

· High level durability


· Its grip is not as comfortable as expected

· Has a tiring loading system in which you have to load one dart at a time

Cautionary measures 

To ensure that no injuries occur, you should not aim at face or eyes. It is also advisable to make use of darts that are specifically designed for this blaster. You are not supposed to make any modification to the darts blaster or the darts. Small parts can also be produced, making the blaster inappropriate for children who are below three years to avoid injuries or any other hazards that might arise.

Customer reviews

This blaster has managed to get a rating of 4.3 stars on Most of the customers recommend it for its light weight, the fact that it can be used by children and its elegant design. However, its breech loading system is what makes most of the less satisfied and pissed off by this blaster.

Final Verdict

This blaster has a lot of resemblance with the original model especially the way it looks. It maintains high level balance of while and green and gray and orange. So, if you are the kind of a person who focuses more on the look of the blaster that you use, this is a perfect selection for you. Another good thing is that it is possible to mod this blaster to make it even more powerful. However, the fact that it does not have a lot of power is not what puts most of its user off. Just as mentioned above its breech loading system is what disappoints a lot of users. The system is extremely slow and there is nothing much that you can do to fix this problem. Therefore one can say that this is a great pistol to make use of around and play around and have a lot of fun in the process.

It is possible for you to customize this blaster using the dart storage and barrel. All you need to do is to make sure that you slide the dart holders onto the tactical rails of the blasters to make sure that the darts are within reach for fast reloading. It is also good to note that it fires a single dart at a time and has four darts. It is possible to boost the customization options by having upgrade kits that are sold separately.

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