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(Solo credit by my classmate Rogie)

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Strongarm (Sonic FIRE)

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Nerf Zombie Strike Arrow Refill

Arrow Strike

  • Stock up on Zombie Strike arrows
  • For use with Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt blaster
  • Includes 4 arrows
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Includes 4 arrows.
Nerf RotoTrack picture coming soon.


Nerf RotoTrack description coming soon.
NERF Zombie Strike Ricochet Blaster


  • Ricochet blaster has quick-strike disc blasting action
  • Fast front-loading
  • Includes 2 discs
  • Pull back the slide and pull the trigger to fire
  • Includes Ricochet blaster and 2 Zombie Strike discs
Nerf On the Go Blaster Keychain picture coming soon.

On the Go Blaster Keychain

Nerf On the Go Blaster Keychain description coming soon.
Dude Perfect Signature Bow Nerf Sports Biggest Nerf Bow with 2 Nerf Whistling Arrows For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Dude Perfect Signature Bow

  • GO BIG WITH THE NERF SIGNATURE BOW AND ARROW SET: Go big and aim with attitude to practice firing off colossal stunt shots like the ones the Dude Perfect guys do in their show and videos
  • BIGGEST NERF BOW: The Dude Perfect Signature Bow is the biggest Nerf toy bow, measuring a whopping 42 inches (122 centimeters) long
  • FIRES ARROWS UP TO 105 FEET (32 METERS): The DP Signature Bow fires arrows up to 105 feet (32 meters) so go big, go far, and go wild with your most awesome trick shots
  • INCLUDES 2 ARROWS: The bow comes with 2 Nerf arrows that make a whistling sound as they fly through the air
  • COMES WITH TARGET: The bow comes with a target to set up so you can practice your skills, show off mind-blowing stunts, and challenge friends repeat your shot or top it with one of their own
Nerf Rebelle Epic Action Bow, Pink and Purple

Epic Action Bow

  • Fires darts
  • Lightweight design
  • Real bow action
  • Includes bow and 3 darts
  • Bow and dart colors may vary, pink or purple
Nerf Rebelle Charmed Fair Fortune Crossbow Blaster

Fair Fortune Crossbow

  • Includes crossbow, 6 darts, charm bracelet with 2 charms, and instructions.
  • Fair Fortune Crossbow blaster has real crossbow action
  • Fires darts up to 75 feet (22 meters)
  • Blaster lets you fast-fire 6 darts with the rotating drum
Nerf Evader picture coming soon.


Nerf Evader description coming soon.
Nerf SuperMAXX 3000 (green) picture coming soon.

SuperMAXX 3000 (green)

Nerf SuperMAXX 3000 (green) description coming soon.
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Range Launcher

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor

Triad EX-3

  • Put some serious blasting power in your pocket with the Triad ex 3 blaster; Don't let this 3 dart blaster's micro size fool you; it's small but mighty, with a range of up to 90 feet
  • Its smart technology tells it which barrel is loaded so you can fire it with confidence
  • And its small size lets you conceal the blaster in the palm of your hand or a pocket, then draw fast for the element of surprise
  • Pull down the cocking handle to ready your shot, then fire when it's time to take down your target
  • Ages 8 and up

The Triad EX-3 is a powerful Nerf blaster in a small package.

As the Triad name suggests, it can hold up to three darts.

Just pull the cocking handle down and pull the trigger to fire. Very powerful for its diminutive size (can be shot up to 76 feet).

NERF N-Strike Exclusive Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

Alpha Trooper CS-12

  • Fires up to 75 feet!
Star Wars Nerf Poe Dameron Blaster

Poe Dameron Blaster

  • This version comes in simple brown packaging
  • Front-load, single-shot blaster
  • GlowStrike technology for light effects and glow-in-the-dark darts
  • Laser blast sound effects
  • Fires 1 dart at a time
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Firestrike (Elite XD)

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