The most basic requirement for any Nerf-Gun is its foam darts. The ones you get with the Nerfgun itself are usually few in number and they can wear out over time. You need expansion packs in order to get more darts. Let’s look at the top dart refill packs to keep your Nerf party going all day and all night long –

Nerf N-Strike Elite 75 Dart Refill

Nerf N-Strike Elite 75 Dart Refill
This pack contains 75 Elite darts and they work with all elite blasters and the N-Strike blasters. In our tests these darts tend to fly for a longer distance compared to traditional foam guns. We would recommend this pack if you use an Elite Nerf Gun.


Nerf N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Refill

Nerf N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Refill
This is the smaller refill pack that comes with 30 elite darts. These are compatible with all the elite nerf blasters. You can buy this pack as a backup for your Secondary Nerf Guns. They are priced very reasonably.

Nerf N-Strike Elite 100 or 200 Dart Refill
These are huge expansion dart packs containing 100 to 200 darts. This are recommended for hard-core Nerf fans whole are mounting major assaults.

Nerf Zombie Strike Dart Refill Packs
These are special darts that were designed for use in the Zombie Strike edition blasters. You get a pack of 30 darts with this awesome deal. They are compatible with Crossbow blaster as well. Their design is a bit different from the other darts and they use a varied color scheme. They look a lot more attractive than the Elite darts. They are very sturdy.

Nerf Suction Darts
These are the classic darts and belong to the older category of dart. They now only come 16 darts refill packs. They work with guns like the classic Nerf Maverick. Suction darts are still very popular and stick to most glass and metal surfaces.

Nerf Rebelle Dart Refill Pack
These are colorful darts with neat design patterns. They are loved by younger kids.


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