Corridor Digital Recreates Team Fortress 2 in real life with Nerf guns

Ever wondered what it would be like if Team Fortress 2 existed in real life.

Oh, and instead of actual guns, everything was Nerf guns?

Well the guys over at Corridor Digital have gone ahead and gave us a taste of what that would be. In the video, we see 2 members of Red team trying to make their way to the front of a store, to return a cart. Standing in their way though, is an onslaught of Blue team players attempting to stop them.

Just about all the characters from the game make an appearance at one point or another, especially while displaying their class-specific abilities. Even Harley from Epic Meal Time shows up as the iconic Heavy. As awesome as it was to see the characters running around, I think the Nerf guns were the stars of the show. They did a great job in mimicking almost every basic weapon that’s seen in the game.

The entire video is pretty hilarious, and keeps close to how the game actually is. I can say for sure that I’d want to have an all-out Nerf war in this setting. Check it out for yourself below.

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